Pottery lessons for adults

In my studio I teach two different pottery classes:

The first one is multiple ceramic techniques with a range of several objects every month, from every day objects such as mugs, jars, cooking pots, to sculptural works such as figurines and ancient objects from all over the world. I also teach wheel throwing.

The second class is about jewellery. I teach different ways of approaching clay as well as combinations of different clays, nerikomi technique, colouring clay & last but not least, porcelain.

For more information about the courses please contact me through this link:

Pottery lessons for kids

My studio is always a fun place for kids.

I pick a different fairy tale every other month and after telling the whole story and interact with the kids about the plot, we choose together the picture they impressed them most and together with the parent we transfer the image to the ceramic object.

Kids are always together with one of their parent because I believe in valuable time and the sharing experience between the parent & child. The ceramic object which sometimes is a mug, a plate or a bowl is a team work between both parent & child which makes it unique as an object as it reflects the moment they shared together.

For more information about the kid's courses please contact me through this link: