Dubai Design Week_October 2020

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Dubai Design Week_October 2020

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Dubai Design Week_October 2020

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Dimitra Tsourdini is a twice award winning artist (2016, 2019) working mainly on organic floral micro sculptures and ethnic silhouette figures.


She hand-sculpts intricately detailed ceramic sculptural works inspired by the perfection of flowers, the boldness of tribes, and the deep unknown ocean.​


Born in 1981 and raised in Athens, she has lived and worked in London UK, Cape Town SA & Dubai UAE. 

Personal Statement

My work can be described as shaping sculptures with mixture of clays and also Parian porcelain.

I love mixing clays, underglaze colours, glazes & other materials into or over clay.

I don't usually follow the rules and I don't go by the book.

I love experimenting, enjoying the feeling I have gone the extra mile.

Each piece has been worked in layers and some pieces have detailed surface work.

My long journey of searching is never complete. 

Each piece leads to the next, looking for new answers and multiplying the inspiration in numerous new others, waiting to be born.

I usually overthink every piece again and again before I touch clay.
When I finally do, my hands already know all the way to the end.

My ceramic journey started in 2010 in London, working on the throwing wheel in City Lit, Covent Garden, followed by the Centre of study of Modern Pottery in Athens in 2013, studying the possibilities of clay.

I am also still attending seminars in Copenhagen, London & Italy.

I set up my own studio in 2014.


"Les temps des fleur"

2nd award in Hellenic National Ceramics Competition

3rd award in Hellenic National Ceramics Competition

Oceanus Collection

Flower Collection

Lighting Collection

Jewellery Collection

Wedding & Baptism Collection



Vrioulon 23,

Ymittos, 17237

Athens, GR

m. +30 6976854833

e. dtsourdini@gmail.com

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